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Otherwise, trading services may not be able to execute trades for your portfolio. They are being accused of freezing accounts – leaving users unable to withdraw funds. This has placed them at loggerheads with influential figures in the crypto space such as Trace Mayer, John McAfee, and Tuur Demeester. A list of top markets on HitBTC exchange based on the highest 24h trading volume, with their current price.

Bitcoin is facing a liquidity crisis — and this crypto app is connected to four leading exchanges to ensure that customer’s orders can always be executed at the best price. The platform has earned its reputation for fault-tolerance, flawless uptime and high availability. Its core matching engine is among the best technological products in its class, offering traders a wide range of features such as real-time clearing and cutting-edge order matching algorithms. A list of top cryptocurrencies on HitBTC exchange based on the highest number of markets available for trading.

Crypto Exchange Hitbtc Adds Xanpool As New Fiat

HitBTC’s pairs each Altcoin with USDT , Bitcoin or Ethereum. Certain digital assets require more information be inputted when depositing or withdrawing. For example, Monero requires a payment ID when withdrawing, whereas Bitcoin and Ethereum only require the recipient’s wallet address. While verification is not mandatory on HitBTC, unverified accounts do have certain withdrawal limits in a day. Hence, if you wanted to withdraw more than the limit that they have on the exchange then you will have to verify your account.

The first way to stay safe is to read reviews from diverse sources. Don’t just read large reviews from popular websites, as these reviews might be bought and paid for, with the writer having to say certain things to please the paying advertisers. In addition, look at forums like Reddit and Bitcointalk, to find out what real people are saying about services like HitBTC. The other way that crypto users can keep themselves safe when using these companies is to never keep their coins on the exchange. In fact, a major cryptocurrency exchange hack seems to happen once a month, if not more often. When you buy coins from a trusted exchange, send them to a high quality crypto wallet. Choose a wallet where you own the keys, and use cold wallet options like Paper wallets and hardware wallets whenever possible.


HitBTC exchange has a high end cold storage wallet to protect users’ funds stored on the exchange. HitBTC is the 14th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. HitBTC is widely known for its simple user interface and high-volume trading.

In case you were wondering, they are currently hosting a total of 783 coins on the platform. However, it also mandates any crypto exchanges operating in the country to register with the country’s financial authority, the Financial Services Agency . So far, 16 crypto exchanges have been granted a license to operate and the same number were allowed to operate while their applications are pending. Out of the latter 16, the FSA recently revealed that 8 have indicated that they are withdrawing their applications. HitBTC began operations in 2013 and at the time, was one of the few exchanges available for trading crypto assets. Over the past few years, the reputation of the exchange has declined considerably due to numerous reports of stolen funds, account freezes, legal battles, and more. Low Quality Listings – 370+ crypto assets and 890+ trading pairs are available for trading on HitBTC.

Huobi Exchange Review : Supported Currencies, Trading Fees, Deposit , Withdrawal & More

The commission for withdrawals is flat and depends upon the currency you need to withdraw from your account. HitBTC is the one to offer one of the biggest variety of trading pairs as there are more than 870 trading pairs offered on it at the time of writing. Hotbit goes second in this rating but it offers 200 pairs less. The company offers a wide range of tools that meet the requirements of the most demanding users who prefer to use low-latency and trustworthy systems delivering peak performance. One example of an exchange that drastically improved their user experience was Kraken. With recent updates to Kraken’s user experience, it has completely turned around the way users think about the exchange.

It’s very important to keep that in mind before you submit any requirements to them so that you wouldn’t experience any issues when it comes to your account verifications. In addition to this, HitBTC helps users to protect their account through two-factor authentication. On HitBTC, “Takers” are charged with a 0.1% fee from the trade. “Makers” are not charged with a fee, and instead receive a 0.01% rebate from the trade.

Hitbtc Withdrawal Fees

HitBTC also went offline at the same time, but never acknowledged any losses or that it experienced a security breach. However, according to an official HitBTC customer service representative on Reddit, “there is no daily limit at HitBTC”. To add to the confusion, the various stages shown in the graphic below are not clickable. Also, no information is provided there that tells the differences between the three account tiers. A first example forwarded by John McAfee as a role model to other cryptocurrencies is Apollo. Its team announced their decision to refuse listing on HitBTC on September 5th, due to an “overwhelming number of fraud allegations” against the exchange.

HitBTC users can now buy crypto with credit and debit cards – Cointelegraph

HitBTC users can now buy crypto with credit and debit cards.

Posted: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

However, unregulated anonymous exchanges in obscure locations do attract their share of critics. As a result, a mysterious exchange like HitBTC will always have many supporters who are happy with its services, as well as numerous critics who are disappointed with its lack of transparency. The withdrawals typically take several minutes and mostly depend on the network speed of the cryptocurrency being withdrawn. Personally, I haven’t had any issues with the service yet, but at the same time, I would not recommend depositing more money with it than I can afford to lose.

My Personal Experience With Hitbtc

This is due to the fact that almost every other cryptocurrency exchange uses a one-account system. Therefore, having a two-account system does create a little confusion. It is a Trading Platform for the user that want to trade cryptocurrency by using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. They also provide the Deposit hitbtc review and Withdrawal service for the users who want to transfer their funds either in to or out from Mercatox’s user balance for their trading activity needs. Cex.io offers exchange of fiat currency for Bitcoin Ethereum, Tether, and 23 other cryptocurrencies, as well as Bitcoin/Ethereum trading against the USD.

  • Online/Offline forTransfersdisplays whether the funds can be transferred between Main and Trading accounts.
  • This is really the only beginner-friendly feature that I found.
  • You cannot withdraw or deposit ICO coins before the company issues the real tokens.
  • In addition to this, HitBTC helps users to protect their account through two-factor authentication.
  • A company providing cloud-based crypto trading software is now compatible with Huobi, an exchange that has an estimated 5 million clients worldwide.

HitBTC even accepted fiat payments from some non-European countries, offering access to a host of new users who were not served by HitBTC’s well-known competitors. Yes, it is expected that Apollo’s move created a precedent across the crypto world. Besides, its popularity increased substantially among traders following the decision. According to certain sources, HitBTC does indeed ask for roughly $500,000 for cryptocurrency listings.

There is NO FIAT TRADING. You cannot work with USD, EUR, or any other real-world currency. This makes it not beginner-friendly and extremely restrictive. If you’ve already got crypto, consider Bittrex over HitBTC. If you want better customer support, more anonymity, or beginner-friendliness, there are plenty of alternatives to HitBTC around the web. In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this London-based exchange. Whether you create your own strategy or follow a premium community leader, we believe the power to automate belongs in the hands of every crypto investor. After you sign up and connect your first exchange account, you’ll deploy an investment-maximizing strategy in as few as 5-minutes.

Bitcoin offers ‘Black Friday deal’ with sub-$55K BTC price — Just like 2020 – Cointelegraph

Bitcoin offers ‘Black Friday deal’ with sub-$55K BTC price — Just like 2020.

Posted: Fri, 26 Nov 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

This signals a positive narrative for the blockchain-based advertising firm who has been gaining increased social mentions and adoption since they debuted. These past weeks have been eventful for SaTT as the advertising firm remains devoted to providing unmatched value for its community. SaTT integration with Binance Smart Chain whose purpose is on par towards providing fast, low cost, and efficient advertising transactions for users of the SaTT platform.

As noted on Sicarious’ appearance on the Crypto Street Podcast, he got involved in the early stages of the cryptocurrency industry, entering a position in Bitcoin during December 2013. Also, they have a ticketing system if you want something answered.

hitbtc exchange

When you try to withdraw, it says system “maintenance” for this coin. Margin trading – For traders who want to leverage their trading, HitBTC offers cryptocurrency margin trading through the MetaTrader 5 Terminal.

On this page, users can view key metrics for the system’s performance and availability, including live statistics of incoming/outgoing transactions. They also have an advanced tracking and link creation system where you can create different links and monitor their relative performance in your affiliate dashboard. There is a minimum requirement for a withdrawal of your affiliate commissions and that is 0.1BTC. Another exciting feature on HitBTC’s platform is OTC trading. You can also use the MetaQuotes coding language to develop your own trading bots. In fact, you could probably code more effective bots with the MetaQuotes software as you have access to all of the indicators and market inputs right out of the box.

hitbtc exchange
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